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Anonymous whispered: I've been checking your blog every day and I was getting more and more worried you'd just leave T^T /now I feel much better you're back 'cries'/, don't do this to me again please ;_; so I've been studying things on my own coz I'm so bored and I'm trying to learn how to make themes otz/I still suck at it/ and yeah I LOVE YOU >3< -¥OU®S

I’ve been really busy at school that I can’t have a time to check my tumblr, I apologize straw T.T I’ll try to make time here tho ehe. I missed you really /hugs you tightly/

You are? Thats good hehe they’re kinda easy actually you just have to read each of the codes and you’ll get em. Feel free to ask me if you need help on them, Im not claiming that im good at it but I’ll try my best to help you. Anything for my straw ^.^

Anonymous whispered: this may come off a little creepy but you have really nice eyebrows hehe~

Haha its not creepy dont worry, thenks btw xD 

Anonymous whispered: My BUBBLE!! 'hugs you tightly ' who missed me :3? I missed you!! I'm so bored of vacation, I want school to start -_-! , I'M SO EXCITED KRIS' SONG WILL BE RELEASED SOON /dies OMG!! / and you sweetie how are you? -¥OU®S


Im really really sorry i’ve been really inactive ehe but I’m still here ehe. I love you bb :”> 

allhailthe-maknae whispered: Hi! I have mentioned you in my follow forever post! <3

Aww thank you so much sweety :”)